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Why Scythe?

Austrian Scythe

The Austrian scythe has been handmade at the same factory since 1540 and is the perfect tool to manage your grass. The Austrian scythe blade is handmade with high quality steel and they are lighter than traditional scythes. The scythe handles and snath are easily adjustable to suit all users.
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Learn to Scythe

The course I teach moves from history and theory to bodily alignment and hands on use of the scythe. - Learn about the history of the scythe from an Irish perspective and the effect of the industrial revolution on the production of scythes. Understand why the Austrian scythe is the best in the field. - How to stand properly and the movement needed to mow effectively so that back ache is avoided. - Sharpening, let the blood flow……..only kidding but care is needed and as long as you bring the same intent and calmness that you learn in how to mow properly then this is very satisfying - Progressive grass management, how to properly cut and dry the material at hand, from grass to cereals and other fibrous plants. Throughout the day I interact with the group and answer any questions on their concerns or particular challenges they might have on their own land
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